Recession Style – The Low-Down on the High Heel

When it comes to shoes, my motto is the higher the better.  I’ve always assumed my preference for extreme heights was innate to my personality, but according to an ABC News report “High Heels for a Down Economy?”, it appears my gravitation may be influenced by the recession.  Finally, an “up” side to a struggling economy! 

If recession plus high heel consumption feels like a catch 22 to you as it does to me, never fear.  After scouring the internet, I found a variety of sky-high budget friendly heels.  Here are my favorites for Spring 2012. 

Blog Style – MSPFW

Check me out at the Twelve fashion show during MSPFW photographed and featured by Lindsey Herzog on her blog Rubygirlblog.  Love the stylish pics she snapped of other fashion loving ladies during MSPFW as well. Half the fun of going to the shows is dressing for them, and Lindsey certainly captures that here.  Check out her blog for even more fashion and lifestyle fun:

Student Style – Twelve

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday night than at a fashion show during Minneapolis/St. Paul Fashion week?  I believe the answer is no.  On Saturday February 18th, I joined other local fashion appreciators at Twelve: The 44th Annual Apparel Design Senior Fashion Show featuring the senior class of apparel designers at the University of Minnesota.  What a treat!  I thought two things: one – what an amazing group of talented designers, and two – how on earth do I have a career in the design field with all of the incredible up-and-comers?  They put on a great show. 

My favorites of the featured seniors were: Jennifer Robertus – for her fresh take on Resort Wear, Gabby Goetz – for her playful yet sophisticated designs (with sparkle!), Diana (Dziyana) Zhyhar – for her architectural work wear capable of transformation, Lizzie Hillmann – for her bold use of color and flattering silhouettes, Silvia Guttmann – for her clean and modern athletic inspired garments (and very cool styling), and Sara Lopez – for turning fabric into wearable ethereal art. 

I was pretty hypnotized by the fashions, but managed to capture some shots from the show with my phone.  Enjoy!

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Valentine Style

I do not participate in traditional Valentine’s Day whooha, but I do participate in dressing in red.  Today, I decided to wear these fabulous (and delightfully priced) red patent loafers to celebrate this colorful holiday.  They DO have a PAIR of tassels.  That’s pretty Valentiney right?  XOXO.

Target Style + Brad Goreski

As many of you know, Target is my happy place, and watching the styling adventures of my favorite stylist Brad Goreski on “It’s a Brad Brad World” is my guilty pleasure. I never dreamed the two would actually meet. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best pair since PB&J! Target + Brad = happiness for Megan. Check out Target – On The Dot to see Brad’s stylings.

Construction Style

We’ve all seen construction workers on the job and can probably agree style is not the driving force behind their clothing selections.  Steel-toe boots, jeans, T’s, flannel shirts all top the list of practical and warm work wear and make good sense for the job at hand.  What do you do when you’re an Interior Designer though?  A typical day can often consist of a morning meeting with a client, then a trip to the job site in the afternoon. It’s tricky to dress for both.  I refuse to wear man-wear to a job site, but I can’t exactly wear pumps.  So, what do I wear?  Rubber wellies I can tuck my skinny military style pants into, a warm wool coat from Karma, a scarf, and of course my safety gear consisting of hard hat and day-glow vest.  The day-glow trend is really working for me at the moment.  The boots keep me warm, dry, are easy to hose off, and keep the hems of my pants clean.  Just a quick switch of the shoe, and I’m back to the office.  The point is, there is never an excuse to not be well-dressed.

Target Style – Jason Wu

I love Target and I love the designs of Jason Wu.  What happens when they meet remains to be seen.  I suspect it will be glorious.  I will be on the edge of my seat until February 5th, when the Jason Wu designs hit the sales racks.  Until then, you and I will have to rely on a sneak peak of the collection at  See you on the 5th!